Bourgogne Chitry Cepage Pinot Noir - Giraudon Vignerons

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If you like something other than your typical co-op or négociant red Burgundy; something that is delicious, refreshing, a great pleasure to enjoy with a broad variety of food and, for a Burgundy, easy on the wallet, then this is a must try.

Undiscovered Burgundy

The village of Chitry is located about halfway between Auxerre and Chablis, and is one of the most obscure appellations in Burgundy. Situated 160 kms north of Dijon and approximately midway between Sancerre and the Côte de Nuits, Chitry is on the northern fringe of viticulture in France, especially for pinot noir. Only champagne and Alsace sit farther north. In fact its soils of kimméridgien clay, chalk and limestone have more in common with Chablis, Champagne and the Loire than the Golden Slope.

The red wines of Chitry are only produced from pinot noir, which, with its thin skin is prone to light colouration even in the sunnier, warmer locales farther south. This light colouration is reduced further in cooler Chitry, which produces red wines of ethereal transparency, high, mouth-watering acidity and delicate tannins. The entire commune has only 64 hectares of vineyards of which 40% are dedicated to pinot noir.

The Giraudon family has been making wine in this valley for many generations and now farms 23 hectares of vineyards, of which most are dedicated to Aligoté and Chablis. Their vineyards in Chitry occupy the surrounding slopes of the valley around the village with north-west and south-southeast exposures.

Marcel Giraudon, along with his wife Aurélie and brother Thibaut, produce a stunning example of Borgogne Chitry. In fact, Marcel believes they make one of truest expressions of pinot noir in Burgundy. Vineyard practices are traditional; no weed killers, insecticides or artificial fertilizers are used. Yields are kept low, and the grapes are handpicked with 85% being de-stemmed. No oak is used and temperature control during fermentation and winemaking are to promote the grape's aromatic and taste potential. The goal is to make natural, authentic wines that taste of the grape and terroir.

Very little red Chitry is produced, therefore little is available. Total production of Domaine Giraudon is a mere 7,000 cases, and most of that is white. Of the pinot noir, what is not consumed in France for the most part is sent to the United States for sale to high end restaurants and specialty wine shops. This wine never has been sold in Canada before, which is unfortunate because it is sooo delicious!

Jon Rimmerman of Garagiste (Seattle, WA) says of Giraudon: "If you are into naturally made red Burgundy with no tricks, smoke or mirrors this is for you. An artistic giant in the ever-changing world of Roty or Dugat-ized Burgundy, Giraudon makes what he believes is the truest expression of Pinot Noir in Chitry and beyond. The magic is in the incredible levels of crushed minerality, light-bodied sap and Burgundian terroir that emerge from the glass, especially with air. This is a fleeting glimpse into the tradition of a region that has lost a great deal of its way over the last ten years with masses of new oak and extraction technology. All are very far from this wine. If you are looking for a pinot noir masquerading as Syrah, this is definitely not for you. If you seek all things esoteric, filigreed... this will be your new house wine."

Tasting Notes: This wine should be served with a slight chill. In the glass it is a pristinely translucent, it's like looking through a pale ruby gemstone. It's light on its feet with generous aromas of fresh crushed cherries and raspberries with a hint of fresh herbs and earth. In the mouth it is pure and crisp, superfine and intensely mineral, with a beautiful, long finish. This is a fantastic, refreshing and delicious pinot noir that you'll love having with salmon, roast chicken, charcuterie or creamy brie and other like cheeses.


WineDiva's Review (September 11, 2014) Daenna Van Mulligen
"Charming, pristine, fragrant. Naturally we think of the northerly (ergo cooler) appellations of Burgundy to be strictly white winemaking regions, but next door to Chablis, in Auxerrois, there are more hectares planted to the production of Pinot Noir and rosé, than white. It is here where the AOC Chitry is found. The cool climate is a boon to this variety. It has a very feminine and juicy character that is laden with raspberry, red cherry, blueberry, sweet spices and vanilla with a bouquet of lilacs and roses atop a fresh and earthy core. It is silky; high-toned, pristine fruit leads the palate and is layered with sweet and peppery spices and cedar shavings. It's not overly complex nor does it take itself too seriously - but it is absolutely delightful." 90 pts.

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